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Brands Hatch May 30th

I shall be at Brands Hatch on Monday the 30th, for some historic F1 racing see the link for more info <!-- m --> ... rs-bh.aspx<!-- m -->

Myself and another tog are organising a training day there, not track side, the only cost is the ticket to get in, if you are already doing motor sport but would like to know where to be at the circuit we can point in that direction, or if have never done any and would like to learn the black art of panning we are also going to be helping in that area, but even if you fir in between and just want to meet up with other togs that is also fine.

You can let me know here or on a flickr link that has been set up, <!-- m --><!-- m -->


  • I would be very interested in doing this <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->
  • I'd love to have had a go at this but unfortunately I am not anywhere near Brands Hatch so cant <!-- s:( -->:(<!-- s:( --> Good on you for offering this though as its very generous of you to do so!
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