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Website SEO

Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone on here could help me with some SEO for my website where do I start really, What are the best ways.

Hopefully someone is a bit of a seo whizz and could offer some advice please

Mnay thanks Garry


  • Just had a really quick look Garry. The urls for the pages seem good, but the site is lacking readable content, so maybe add some text to your pages. One trick you can do, is add your site to the google maps business listings. I put a website up that had no content at all in it (just framework. Registered the business on google maps, and put site address in etc. Within 10 mins of the google phone verification, the site was showing as a listed business for local searches at the top of page 1 <!-- s:mrgreen: -->:mrgreen:<!-- s:mrgreen: -->
  • I have done that already but don't seem to be able to get up there with that I will try adding more info to it like a vid or something.

    Its a whole new world to me this it was hard enough learning to build that from scratch

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  • The main problem is search bots can't read flash, picture content or video etc. They rely on text within the pages, to give them something to index. You have the image alt tags sorted, and also most of the meta tags etc. I would suggest maybe 8 -10 lines of written text on each page, just giving a rough description of what is on each page. In your keywords meta tags, the areas covered are a bit wide ranging "Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, London and surrounding counties". Try using more local large city/town names, as these are what people will use to search for local photographers <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) --> .
    If I search for "wedding photographer, Potters Bar" your link comes up 3rd place (in business list), which isn't that bad at all. Getting your pages ranked by google can be a long process, but the best way to get further up, is text content (as I've said) <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) -->
  • If I added a blog to the front page would that be better

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  • Ohhh yes. Blogs are very good, as they create fresh content on a daily/weekly basis. And google etc love fresh written content <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) -->
  • PS: Tapatalk is now working again <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->
    Or it should be anyway LOL
  • What keywords / phrases are you trying to hit? this is your starting point, if its "photography" for example you have no chance. Everything Chris has said is spot on. You need content and lots of it, get a page of text for every county/town you cover.

    Go to <!-- m --> ... ?county=23<!-- m -->

    Make a html page for every single town, with what you offer, make sure you change the text to suit, duplicate content is not good.

    Employ the services of a good copy writer, its a great investment, if you want the website to work for you, you have to work on the site.

    Get a sitemap, and submit it to google.
    Get analytics installed correctly your code needs to be further down the page, just before the /body, having it at the top can slow down pages as the script loads, not a big issue for now but could be if the site gets bigger.

    your services page should be a page of blurb, leading to specific pages for services, so your wedding service should be on its own page, your birthdays on there own page etc.

    Your prices are for weddings only again your prices can be a generic page leading to more detailed pages

    Portfolio again break it into sections and add text, a lot of it, every single image of a wedding can and should have text associated to it.

    And who told you to use so many keyword in your meta tag on your portfolio page ???? the search engines will simply ignore all that. about 200 char is norm not 1200 lines !!!!!!!!

    Contact Me, are you happy with no address and a mobile, looks unprofessional to me, have a think, you clients need to be confident that your no a fly by night.

    <title>Best wedding photographer Hertfordshire</title> this is your biggest keyword/phrase, its what google displays, get this right (70 chars is about max)
  • I would like to hit for wedding photography herts or similar herts ones

    I don't really understand where to put keywords at all really.

    As for meta tags I just looked at ones that rank on first page and thought that's what I had to do.

    I'm not too sure where to start really?

    Would you suggest I started a new site and got it right? What do I do ?

    I tend to learn things quick I shown I'm not asking for a SEO miricle just to have a site that performs quite well.

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  • ok, you have a list of towns and cities you want, you then need to make sure the page title of that page represe ts the content, so make a wedding photoggraphy herts page and put that phrase on it no more than 3 times, making sure at least one of them is a H1 tag.


    page tile (the coded bit) should contain your phrase, " the best wedding photography in herts"

    then on that page inside a h1 tag a heading saying "wedding photography in herts"

    then the text and images all about wedding photography in herts, make it read right to a human dont fall foul of trying to blag the engines.

    now repeat....... remember its about content reletive to the engines and people, your site has to be seen as the authority in your chosen phrases/keywords.

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  • Ok I will try this, what would I do about the other towns? do I just name my pages after them?
  • Yep, same as the others, pick a phrase eg wedding photography Essex, and away ye go.....

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  • Ok thank you very much, That should keep me busy this evening.

    What shall I do about meta tags?
  • Right I have managed to chance all the titles and H1 tags,

    What would you suggest to do about Meta Tags? That will be my plan for tomorrow evening
  • I came across this site. is the info On here useful? Shall I write them to these guideline?

    <!-- m --> ... a-tags.cfm<!-- m -->
  • Right I had a play with the meta tags on my home page, Not sure if it is right or not, I followed what the link I gave above said.

    My next question should the links to the pages on my site like this

    <li> <a href="Wedding Photography Herts - About.html" title="Natural wedding photographer Hertfordshire">About Me</a></li

    Should the title be the same as the title to the page it links too?
  • Yep, I would keep titles and page names the same <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->
  • Yep, I would keep titles and page names the same <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->
    So instead of saying wedding photography herts - about. I should change it too what i have titleted the page
  • Right I have tested my index page on this site and it gave these results which I didnt think was bad at all.

    So I guess the next thing would be to add a blog at the bottom underneath the picture so that way it can have fresh content updated regularly

    <!-- m --><!-- m -->
  • Yeah, a small blog that is updated a couple of times a week, can do wonders <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->
  • Yeah, a small blog that is updated a couple of times a week, can do wonders <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->

    How would I get it to do that and what shall I use to write blog. This blogging stuff is new to me.

    How can I intergrate it into my Page so it updates automatically?
  • You would need to code a blog script in to your page, or create a blog page, and embed it in to the main page <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) -->
    Just google search for blog scripts or code, and you will find 100's of freebies <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->
  • Cheers mate does it matter what blogger I use ? Prefably the one that links to my google+ acc would be good

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  • Having a blog system on your own server is best, as any other is not classed as content on "YOUR" site <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) --> But if you are going to use an external one and embed it (such as blogger etc), do links back to your sites pages in it <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) -->
  • Well I have my own server at home which I host my site from so may look into that then
  • Any info on this blog script chris?
  • I couldn't find it m8. It was written by the guys who created Yabb message board software, but it seem the blog script has been abandoned <!-- s:cry: -->:cry:<!-- s:cry: -->
    There are a number of free ones on this link, but I've not personally tried them
    <!-- m --> ... cripts.php<!-- m -->
  • Jesus christ chris what kind of a useless B@$#:~d are you?

    Im off to start another forum

    Im just downloading one to look at now cheers m8
  • You are now that word It has no instruction and god knows what to do
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  • I use google analytics for mine & wix
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