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Exhibtion in Manchester in 2012

Hope nobody minds me putting this here but on January 16-22th my work, along side 32 other colleges from our Ba honours photography degree is going to be exhibited in in a major location in Manchester. Located at 4 Picadilly Plaza, Manchester, its going to be an exciting collection of various students work( sadly mine being one of them) and this has been put on by ourselves by raising money and sponsorship.It has no affiliation with the uni- though our work will be assessed at exhibition for our final degree grading.

you can follow news of our exhibition on Twitter my using @NewVision12

we are also on facebook - just do a search for New Vision

and we have a blog to give news about whats happening at the exhibition. The address of the blog is : <!-- m --><!-- m -->

I'm absolutely bricking it big time and really scared but looking forward to finally having something of mine hung on a wall for people to see. Hope some of you make it to the exhibition to see my work and the work of my friends on my degree as there is going to be some stunning work shown( Ive seen the work already)

Hope to see you there and thanks for reading this.



  • I might just try to get over for the day Kenny. Where's Manchester? <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->
  • LOL'll have more chance of finding it than Bolton- which is where half the group wanted to hold it- in a back alley art centre where nobody walks past. This is going to be in the centre of Picadilly in Manchester in a cracking prime location where over a thousand people a day walk past. when we were rekkeing the place and taking photos, people were stopping to look what we were doing.Its already known as a location where exhibitions are held. we have raised over 1200 pounds and Wilkinson cameras have also sponsored us for nearly three hundred pounds and are doing all our promotional material for us.
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