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Themed Photo Challenge

Welcome to the Massive Photography Themed Photo Challenge

After some discussion about this, here goes for the 2012 themed challenge!

The idea is to get a few folk trying to shoot the same theme every couple of weeks.

This provides an excellent opportunity to see how someone else would approach either a similar shot or the same theme. It is also a good way to get shooting outside your comfort zone - or at least stretching the boundries of what you are used to shooting to fit a theme.

So here's how it will work.
    [li]I will post another thread purely for the themes, this thread will be locked so only site staff can update it with the theme.[/li]
    [li]The theme will be picked at random from a bunch of themes I already have - depending on the time of year I may exclude some themes (for example having to shoot a Summer theme in December would be silly!) Also, happy to take new theme ideas on board.[/li]
    [li]You can either check the thread fortnightly or you can subscribe to the thread. If you subscribe to the thread you get an option to recieve an email notifying you of new replies - this will serve as a handy reminder that a new theme has been posted.[/li]
    [li]Once the theme is posted you you have a couple of weeks to think of an idea to represent the theme, then shoot it. You are encouraged to shoot the theme in this time as that is the key part of the creative process.[/li]
    [li]You should create your own thread in the General area when you have produced your first themed image. To really benefit from the challenge it is important that you use one thread for all your themed photos (Helps you track your progress and see the progress other folk have made)[/li]

The challenge will start on Sunday 1st Jan 2012 and a new theme will be added every other sunday (Or therabouts).

This thread should be used for any discussion of the themes, ideas, collaberation etc.

So, sign up if you are interested in joining in now you know the details!

People taking part
Roddy mac
Chris and his magic lens
Girl Friday
Bob, when he's not buys with DIY anyway <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->


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