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Photography Days, Next one 12th May

We started Photography Days to help photographers like us have the option of prearranged facilities WITHOUT the premium attached by 'Workshops' or 'Tutoring'. We are hoping to fill the gap between attending workshops and venturing out on your own by providing pre-arranged shooting sessions with good studio facilities, models and sometimes also makeup artists and hair stylists. This is to enable you to capture some great images and set up shots and lighting exactly how you want them while still keeping it affordable and far less stressful than having to arrange all these things independently.

These days DO NOT include any kind of instruction but you will be able to share advice with fellow photographers on the day and in our dedicated Facebook groups on the lead up to and after the day.

Our first session was held in a studio in Potters bar, Hertfordshire.

We had
4 models, 2 MUA's and 10 photographers in for a 5 Hour session which was a little busy at times but cost a very reasonable £60 per head, everyone that attended the session had a good time and has come back to us with very good feedback, a few people have immediately taken places at our next session.

Our next session is going to be a glamour / boudoir themed shoot based on a luxury apartment set in a large Croydon studio, with a maximum of 6 attendees for this day and 3 models it is going to be a bit of an exclusive event with a full days attendance costing only £125 per head, this is to maximise shooting time for the attendees in this lovely location which will have 3 independently lit sets available all day. What we refuse to allow to happen is the lack of shooting time offered by the current 'Pile em high and sell em cheap' studio sessions you see offered everywhere at the moment, £30 might seem like a bargain but not when there is a 10 photographers fighting over 1 model...

We have other events planned throughout the year and will hopefully get to meet many members from here on them, our aim is to keep all our sessions reasonably priced while still offering nice venues/locations and good facilities and equipment where required.

Planning one off sessions like these can easily blow your yearly photography budget so why not share the cost with like minded photographers and allow yourself to capture images in stunning venues or on location with full facilities making your portfolio stand out from the rest without having to pay a premium price.

You can learn a lot of techniques from books or online videos/DVD's but eventually it takes physical practise to hone these skills by your own trial and error and that is what these days have been developed for.

You can register your interest on this thread or our main source of information is our page that has all the details of planned events and is regularly updated.
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