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Forum CEOP approval

edited January 1970 in Announcements
I am pleased to announce that Massive Photography and the domain <!-- m -->[url="; onclick=";return false;][/url]<!-- m --> have been accepted and approved for the use of CEOP's online security and reporting materials/systems.
What this means is we will soon be adopting the CEOP report button, as well as linking to online security and protection advice for all ages. I believe we are one of only a few, if not the only photography forum adopting this method of reporting online bullying, abuse, images and so on. In this day and age, photography and photographers are looked at with suspicion around children, and if we can take steps to make this forum as safe as possible for all ages, maybe we can help to remove these suspicions. The report button will give any viewer/member of this site a direct link to the police (CEOP), to report any inappropriate picture, text or behaviour on this site, and that includes the reporting of PM's or Emails sent via this site.
Over the next few days I will be coding in the report buttons etc, that will then appear on every page on the forum. These buttons (as seen blow) are for reporting serious issues relating to the things I have mentioned above, and not for reporting general forum issues or troll like behaviour by members (this should be reported to mods or admin, as before).


  • Here is a bit of info about CEOP <!-- m --><!-- m -->
  • CEOP report buttons are now in place at the top and bottom right of every page of the site <!-- s:mrgreen: -->:mrgreen:<!-- s:mrgreen: -->
    For info on online security for all ages, and info on CEOP, please take a look at <!-- w --><!-- w -->
  • Hi Chris

    Most reassuring, you cannot be too careful these days. We have no children as you know (the telly never broke down!!) but if we had, this assurance would be very re-assuring.

  • Well done protecting yourself, Forum members and this Forum all at one time
  • Just recoded the CEOP button back in <!-- s;-) -->;-)<!-- s;-) -->
  • You know summet Chris you really do know what your doing and this forum will soon become very popular with this type of knowledge... <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->
  • Good idea Chris, I have worked with absued children, and seen first hand the irreperable damage it does
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