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Bolton festival of the arts and my end of degree show

Its not long now before our fantastic show.

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I'll be getting ten special invites to give to good friends which will allow you to come to the first night opening with nibbles and wine.Its by personal invitation only and general public will not be able to go on the first night. If anyone wants one of my invites let me know.

hope to see you there.

Thanks for reading this <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->

bessy regs



  • I'd have loved to have come Kenny but, unfortunately, it will be a bit late for me to have to drive back.
  • To far for me Kenny but I'm sure you'll be a success.
  • cheers guys. Thought it only fair to put it on my forum first before I put it onto facebook proper.
  • I'll be working on the 14th, and morning of the 15th <!-- s:( -->:(<!-- s:( -->
  • I'll be working on the 14th, and morning of the 15th <!-- s:( -->:(<!-- s:( -->

    Gettin' p***** and havin' a lie-in don't count as work <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->
  • LOL@Moz.

    the exhibtion goes on to the 25th Chris <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) -->

    one of these days we might do that thing you talked about before at the Cricket club <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) --> and have our Massive exhibtion there!
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