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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

edited September 2012 in Announcements
Forum meet at Yorkshire Wildlife Park 21/10/2012<br /><br />PLEASE put you name in this thread, if you intend on going ;)


  • I'll definitely be there.
  • do i need to book 2 places? 1 for me and 1 for the lens?  :D :D :D <br /> <br />me an the lens will be there<br /> <br />however i dont think teresa will be as she comes back from eygpt that weekend
  • I need top book 2 rapid exit tickets. 1 for me, and one for Andy's lens 8) 8) 8) <br /><br />The big question is though, will you be falling off benches with that beast in ya hands LMFAO
  • on 1346757661:
    <br />The big question is though, will you be falling off benches with that beast in ya hands LMFAO<br />
    <br /><br /> :D
  • lol dunno what you mean ;)
  • If he falls down with it, he'll not be able to get up again. :D
  • If Andy falls, he can use it as a crutch to help him walk....its huge enough!<br /><br />
  • On 20th Oct I hope to be buying Chris that pint I owe him as I shall be in Ossett.
  • I'm going, but don't let that put ya off lol
  • Will you have finished the electro-cig by then LOL<br />I get staff discount on pints now, Bob LMAO<br />
  • You can pass that on to me then mate 'cause I'll be paying. :))
  • Rich (Bandit) and his good lady Gayle shall be attending also.......
  • Add my name to the list for the 21st.
  • Look forward to seeing you there mate. :)
  • Andy wont be falling down with the beast...he will have four hand picked sherpas carrying it lovingly round the park ;)<br /><br />
  • My wife and I would like to come, if tdhe weather, is kin.  What time do we meet and whereabouts in the park?
  • What time and where in the park?
  • We usually meet at the entrance when it opens or there abouts but i am sure someone will put the arrangements up soon, welcome to the forum and we look forward to meeting you properly :-)
  • Last time we all manged to get into the car park nearest the entrance John.
  • Opening from 10am to 6pm:<br /><br /><br />
  • Put me down and can I get a lift with you because i will have a hangover lol , I'm a classy bird you see ..... But it to do with work , a brides hen doo lol , I even get invited to those now hehe x
  • Yes bro that message was for you I wasn't just asking a random member for a lift then lol x
  • I may actually do something completely stupid at the meet, that will add an extra challenge to shooting. I'm thinking about sticking the 50mm on, max aperture of f2.8, and seeing how creative I can get with just that setup. There's nawt like making life hard, to make you see things differently, and try something new ^-^
  • Umm... I might be going if Jayne is still willing to pick me up?  :P  Motorbikes tend not to work well around wild animals.
  • If you live in Ossett, I can pick you up but I won't be going back that way.
  • I'll be visiting me mum in Liversedge so will be going from there.
  • OK, it's a week to go, lets get some times nailed down etc :)<br /><br /><br />The park opens at 10am and that feels like a good time to get there, we know folk will be a bit late so it is always possible to lounge around in the cafe for a while after 10. I know I will fancy another coffee by that time!
  • Tiny I can pick you up if ya want me to no problem :-)
  • Tiny, I live in Wakefield and have spare seats and of course I will be returning to the same if you are near me and need a lift.
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