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Help for Heroes Donations

edited January 1970 in Announcements
As of later on today, I'm setting up a Help for Heroes paypal donation system, which will be a yearly option for members. This isn't a paid subscription service, and there are no extra whistles n bells for making a donation, but maybe a little icon stating you have donated. We are completely FREE, and always will be. It is simply a donation to our forum's chosen charity, should you feel the forum is of use. There will be 3 options available, from £5 to £15, and the amount donated is confidential, so that there is no "I've donated more that you" type issues LOL<br />There will also be a "Forum sponsor" donation option, of £25. That will not only donate the full £25 to Help for Heroes, but also give them advertising banner space on the forum, and sponsor link in their chosen forum section.<br />Like on the old forum setup. 100% of any donation, goes straight to the charity, with nothing being taken out for fees, running costs, or tea and biscuits for the mods  :)) :)) :)) <br />The relaunch of donations system coincides with Help for Heroes day tomorrow  ;)


  • but no biscuits? pffttt lol
  • I'll buy the biscuits, but bill everybody later :D :D :D
  • Good plan... :-)
  • Subscription/donations are now online. Just sorted out the paypal return address dingledongle whatchamacallit, so it registers the donation with the forum software. I'll add the sponsor and donation member groups when I get back after school run, and we are good to go ^-^ You can see them by clicking "Profile" and then click on "Actions", in the profile page ;)
  • All up and running ^-^ ^-^ ^-^
  • Great idea.
  • Nice one Bob ^-^ And I'm pleased to see my testing worked, and the subs/donation system automatically updated your profile instantly ^-^ <br />Sadly, the only thing I can't get paypal etc to do, is auto transfer the any donations to our official page. So I'll just transfer it over once a month ;)
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