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Help for Heroes Day

edited January 1970 in Announcements
It is not very often that we, as a forum, ask much of our members, but I'd like today to be an exception, for those who can help.<br />We always have been, and always will be a completely free forum. A while back, we applied, and were approved to have "Help for Heroes" as our official charity. Any and all money that comes the forums way through sponsorship, donations, and google ads, all goes straight to the charity. There are two ways to donate as a member of the forum:<br /><br />1/ Use the "paid subscription" link in the forum, by clicking on "Profile" and then "Actions", where there are £5, £10, and £15 options. There is also a £25 option, which also gives you advertising space on the forum, and access to sponsors forum (just used for discussing adverts and so on).<br /><br />2/ Use our H4H page at <br /><br />These men and women put their lives on the line every day. So if you can afford it (and I fully understand some can't), please give what you can to help those who have not made it home without injury.<br />Donations made via the forum system, will result in a small badge being added to your profile. I will also match the "Gift Aid" donation out of my own pocket, when I transfer the donations to H4H. So using the forum method means the gift aid donation is doubled, and they get more money  ;)


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