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FREE Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe CS2 products

edited January 1970 in Announcements
The link below is a genuine adobe page, with free downloads of adobe CS2 products, with their corresponding genuine serial numbers. Yeah it's only CS2 versions, but for nothing, who can complain O0<br />


  • Cheers Chris. ^-^
  • I downloaded all the files, which took a while as they are large. I put the serial number in, which was accepted, but it would not install. Original downloads were okay, but I could not get it to work. :( :(
  • I got it to work with no problem.  However, I uninstalled it as I could not see an advantage over PE11.
  • Apparently it was only available for a very short time by mistake.
  • Well I've read multiple stories about how it was not free, then was, then wasn't again. But it seems to be true that they are giving it away FREE, as the download page is up and running, and the serial numbers seem to work (they did for me anyway). Installed Photoshop CS2 on my backup media server, just in case I ever need it :)
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