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New Anti-Spam measures

edited January 1970 in Announcements
Due to a recent increase in the volume of spam attempting to get on, I've setup a forum firewall on test. I'm going to run it for a few days, and see if it works, and if it causes any issues for members.<br />I know you guys don't see the spam, and probably wont notice the spam account appearing. But if this works, it saves me hunting down and deleting all the 0 post spam accounts that hide themselves waiting to attempt to post lol <br />If anybody has any issues in the next few days, give me a shout in this thread  ^-^


  • There was a new version of the spambot software Xrumer out just before Christmas and a lot of sites got hit. They can now solve all of the wobbly letter captchas and any common Q&A type protection. A good workaround is if you can ask for a word or code from elsewhere on the site to be entered on the reg page. Something like a random code at the very end of the footer will do. The bots have no idea how to deal with that and tend to be stopped in their tracks. It won't beat human spammers but they're actually quite rare.
  • I've occasionally spotted some account with very odd names Chris. ;D
  • Reminds of the old days as an IRCop :)
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