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Google+ users

edited January 1970 in Announcements
The forum now auto-posts new photography based topics to our google plus page HERE ^-^<br />


  • Nice one Chris i will check it out.
  • Must admit I havent used my Google+ page very much and not much is on it but great idea to have a forum page on google+ cos those of us that are on there can add it to our circles and then through OUR circles can pass on word on the forum. Have now added it to my three circles or friends, professional contacts and following.
  • Wish I understood all this gobbledygook.
  • Bob i dont even understand google yet :)
  • Im like a nice forum format and the odd messenger. I use to run IRC Servers ect back in the day.
  • I only fired the page to life this morning Kenny, but all new topics in the photography images section (and a few others) will now automatically appear on google+, in addition to the facebook and twitter pages ;)<br /><br />Ya don't really have to use google plus etc, these things are done to simply help spread the word of the forum, and what we are about ;)
  • OK Chris, I'll continue to ignore it then. :))
  • Here, here Bob and John.
  • I am intresting it getting my google+ running. Im a nut for tech.
  • Google + take a look at this<br /><br />
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