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The following error or errors occurred while posting this message:

edited January 1970 in Announcements
just on with fixing this issue  ;)


  • Think that sorted it ^-^ It was a corrupt cache file, after some server maintenance  ;)
  • Cheers Chris.
  • Don't know if it's related or just how it is now but when you go to view a pic bigger it puts it on a new page rather than expanding on the same page?
  • so it does hmmmmmm off to go take a look ;-)<br />
  • The following error or errors occurred while posting this message:<br /><br />Just did it again Chris. >:(
  • I was just clearing forum cache again Bob. Let me know if it does it again ;-)<br />
  • OK mate.
  • ;-)<br /><br />Just a quick test<br />
  • nope still doing it on ya test?
  • Yep, seems the server maintenance has screwed up  a few things, like the mobile theme etc. Busy as a bee now :)) :)) :))
  • OK on the lappy Chris
  • I wondered about the mobile cos its all changed i just thought that was an upgrade
  • Yeah, the mobile theme was upgraded a bit back (currently disabled it until I have this sorted). Looked at the coding, and all seems bang on (no changes made for a while now). So looks like server company may have dropped/forgotten to disable/enable some features and security options that are custom to my account. Will be having words on Monday, as I suspect they have enabled "Mod_security" again (when making changes), which seems to screw a number of things up, by incorrectly blocking some scripts lol I have it permanently disabled on my domains, because they know I run a tight ship, and have done with them for the last 7 years O0 O0 O0
  • Disabled the highslide image viewer for now, until I can have a word with server tech on Monday, and get the js scripting unblocked from security ;-) So images will expand the old fashioned way for now, rather than opening in new window :-)
  • seems to be the same prob I messaged you about and you said Bob was having the same probs. Glad its sorted.
  • Error has been confirmed as an issue with mod_security, after an update across the whole server network. Just gotta do a bit Emailing to verify the scripts etc I use, in order to have them removed from the blocked list, and normal mobile skin  + highslide image viewer will be re-enabled ^-^ . Seems the whole network of servers has had security tightened up a little, in order to prevent attacks in the future ;)
  • I suppose that can only be a good thing Chris.
  • Indeed Bob. Bit of a pain having to check what is and isn't triggering mod_security on the server. But on the other hand, once the scripts are on the white list, it means we have normal service, and a more secure server :-) In the past I've simply asked them to disable mod_security completely on my domains, which they have always done without question. I may well run a tight ship, but ya never know if some new attack could find it's way through, in which case mod_security would come in to play ;)
  • Just dealing with hosts now. It looks like a server move is coming our way very soon, which will resolve these current issues. Just working out best time to make the move, so I can disable all sites I manage, and change name servers over to new server. Just waiting on final details, before I give them the nod on when to switch over :-)
  • Just trying some code changes, so you may see the odd error for a few seconds. But if it errors out, I'll replace files as needed ;)
  • Host is about to run a script to alter some files soon, so fingers crossed :-)
  • All issues should now be resolved, meaning mobile skin is back, highslide image viewer, and login sessions error sorted ^-^ ^-^ ^-^
  • pic viewer works again now too :-)
  • Yep O0 O0 O0 O0 All the issues were down to the way a core file was calling php functions ;) Once that was fixed, the image viewer, login and mobile issues were all sorted ;)
  • Time for tea and bikkies now then  :D
  • Get kettle on Moz :-)
  • No problem Jayne. Do drop in  :)
  • That makes a change, it's usually me who gets that message by txt, Moz. Hide ya pets, cos Jayne has dogs trained to eat them LOL
  • Only got one pet (if you don't include resident spider) and he'd just give one of them a nasty hairball.  ;D
  • Lol yeah you do normally get that text don't ya? lol <br />Moz one of these days i am gonna ;-)
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