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A Public thank you

edited January 1970 in Announcements
This is just to say a massive thanks to Will and the team at . <br />As you guys know, a few features went a bit screwy after a security update on the server. Rather than taking the easy option to simply move us over to another server, Will and the support guys worked on resolving the coding causing the issue, via a testing forum. I had a bash at applying the code changes to the main forum last night, and must have goofed up somewhere, as Will jumped on the case this morning, and has sorted it straight away O0 O0 O0<br />Now I've been with this hosting company the best part of 7 years, and in that time there has been virtually no down time (one DOS attack), and only one major fault (a hardware fail about 6 years ago, which can happen to anybody). These guys don't always get the credit they deserve, with their work behind the scenes, so this post is just to recognise what they do, and give them credit for it.<br /><br />So, if you are looking for a good reliable hosting company, with good UK support, and UK based servers, these are the only company I would recommend.  <br /><br />PS: I'm not on their affiliate program, or anything like that. But I've sent several people their way, and not one has had an issue :)


  • Everyone likes to feel appreciated Chris so well done. Hope the right people get to see this message.
  • Couldn't agree more Moz.
  • Indeed Moz, I think 7 years of rock solid hosting deserves credit, and it has been read by the right people now ;). The company got some bad reviews on hosting review sites etc, but when you look at the complaints, most are actually user based issues, not the hosting itself. If I remember right, I'd only been with them 8-9 months, when they had the server hardware die, which took out the HDD's and the backups. That lead to a wave of complaints and bad reviews, as people lost their sites etc. BUT, mine was back up and running within an hour of it first going down, and within 20 mins of me noticing it :) Why? Because I did what all site owners should do, and are advised to do, and that is to keep a local backup.<br />If it's important, back it up. If you don't mind loosing everything, take ya chances ;)
  • I agree. Great services should be given the credit :)
  • well done Will & Co and thank you cos indirectly you helped me too :-)
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