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maintenance set for 7-2-13

edited January 1970 in Announcements
Right peeps. Now we have ironed out the odd bugs that remained, and the forum is functioning as expected after the server security update, I will need to add the final edits on to a fresh set of forum files, just as a matter of "housekeeping"  ;) This is simply to make sure no old code remains, and to have a fresh install ready for any future updates to the forum software.<br />on the 7-2-13, from 12 noon, there will be roughly 2-3 hours down time, while I clean up all the files, and then clean up the database to suit ;D.<br />I know this all sound a bit tedious and unnecessary, as the forum is now running fine. But it's good practise to routinely clean and refresh files, in order to keep things running sweet and secure ;) It only takes one line of redundant code to be left behind, for the nasty web people to hack or attack the forum :o.<br />I've put 2-3 hours as an estimate, but if all goes well, it will only be 20-30 mins lol. As some of you know, things going smoothly very rarely happens on the www. So better to give a worse case scenario time slot  :)) :)) :))<br />
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