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*** MUST READ*** Security update to forum

edited January 1970 in Announcements
Seems a security update has made things go a little screwy. I'm looking at this now, but may have to bring the scheduled maintenance forward to tonight, in order to resolve the issues it has created  :(<br />Will update as soon as I have a plan ;)


  • cue music..........der der der der der derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :-)
  • It was a bloody automated critical security update from SMF, and it's wiped the modifications off, and screwed some code up too.<br />Backing everything up now, and then it looks like Thursdays planned fresh install, will have to be done tonight  AARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR LOL
  • lol well if ya will be geeky and know what ya doing this is what will happen lol
  • LOL Looks like their emergency update has screwed up 1000's of boards, looking at their support site LOL <br />It's no big deal, just a PITA having to rush it all now. Forum has best part of 4 gig in images and files to download and backup, which I'd normally just set going through the night. I can back them up to server in no time, but prefer to have a full backup on PC as well, just in case ;-) <br />Forum will go in to maintenance mode for a few hours, while I do the main backups, get all the recoding applied, and flick the switches back on :-(<br /><br />But the good news is, our ass is covered against the recent hacking/defacing of 1000's of forums, due to the security issue they have discovered and "fixed" LOL
  • We are back. Still quite a bit of work to do, to add the remaining modifications etc. But for now, we are good to go. The smilies and better posting editor I will get done tomorrow ;-)
  • Whoops, forgot to fix the mobile template LOL
  • Still can't post photos Chris.
  • Seems to be OK here Bob??? The inline attachments isn't on yet, but normal uploads should still be OK?<br />What error message do you see?
  • I browse for the image and click on it but there no message saying whether it's an end of post or an in line image mate.  Don't seem to be able to see the image in a preview.
  • That's just the inline attachment mod Bob. Images will still upload when you hit submit, and show at end of posts ;-)
  • OK I'll try it Chris.
  • I'll be reapplying all the other modifications tomorrow Bob. Just wanted to get everything up and running ASAP, so it kept down time to a minimum ;)<br />There are also a few extra bits getting put on tomorrow, which will hopefully give us a more interesting "Home" page, rather than just the forum main page ;) But Im going to see what people think about that, and if it is better or worse than just going directly to forum main page :-)
  • PS: I will also be adding the black theme back on tomorrow, for those that prefer it ;)
  • In line attachments sorted Bob ;)
  • Many thanks Chris.
  • Improved quick reply and a new version of Dark theme added ;D<br />For those who prefer the darker theme, you can change it in your profile preferences on
  • Thanks for the hard work Chris
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