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6 hours in Leeds - where to go?

On Saturday I have about 5 or 6 hours in the Leeds area after I drop the missus off for her University tutorial.<br />I wonder if anyone has any ideas of places to go with the camera, free or very cheap.<br />I really don;t know the area well at all.<br /><br />I will have the car, so travel is ok within reason - no point driving for hours for a few minutes shooting. :)


  • I don't know leeds well at all really, but I bet you could get some interesting shots in Albion Way area at the moment, where the big fire was ;-)<br />
  • I went to Leed once many years ago to see my son get his degree.  Unfortunately I didn't get time to look around so I can't help. However, I know that the Royal Armouries Museum is there as is Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills.
  • Armouries are a bit restrictive on photography, Bob. We had a meet there several years ago, and to be honest it was a struggle to get a decent shot of anything :-(
  • I did the Armouries the last two times I was there, I had the kids with me. This time I am alone, so can get about a bit more. :)<br /><br />Cheers
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