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Friday's IHC 5th April - Include a sign.

Thanks again for choosing my photo Alan.

Today’s challenge is to include a sign in a photo. It doesn't have to be the main subject. Have fun.


Photos must be taken between now and 8.30 p.m.

No manipulation of your photo is allowed except for cropping and straightening.

Photos cannot be changed once posted.

If you want your photo to be judged, put ‘Mine’s in’ before or after the photo.

The winner is to be announced at 9pm approx.

The winner is to set the Challenge as soon as possible - 10am the next day at the very latest.

If 1st fails to set the challenge by 10 am then the 2nd place takes over the daily challenge. (Or 3rd if neither first nor second are available).

Any other decisions regarding changes to the rules for the day is the Judges decision on the day (Eg. Can I change my photo?).


  • Mine's in....

    Sign.JPG 999.3K
  • Mine`s in...

     ;)  :D
  • Mine's in...

    Busy day painting bathroom doors [in garage].  Bathroom almost finished now... just the floor and bits & bobs.  Doors should be back on tomorrow, so should be the end of "whistle while you wee "  :D.  Good thing I live alone.!!

  • Not many entries so I'll just pick:

    1st Chris - nicely presented and taken shot of the sign and photo frame.

    Last Marion - for trying to wind me up. 'Naughty badger' hasn't dug any holes in my lawn recently. Maybe my nematode treatment of the chafer beetles has worked?

    Thanks for entering folks. Over to Chris for tomorrow's challenge.
  • :D Tee hee!!!  :D

    Well done Chris ... good shot
    Thanks for judging Jonathan :D
  • Well done Chris and Mary-Ann. Thanks for the challenge and for judging Jonathan.
  • Well done Marion. Thanks for the win Jonathan
  • Well done Chris - nice composition.  Thanks for the challenge Jonathan.
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