Author Topic: Photo of the month challenge JUNE 2011  (Read 356 times)

May 31, 2011, 12:46:17 PM
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Ola guys

just to let you know that I will be starting the next photo of the month challenge tomorrow ( June 1st)  I  appologise for not doing one in May but I was kind of tied up with finishing works and assignments and didnt have the time. Its also the reason that the two winning images werent printed on time as not only was I snowed under, I also had to wait for cartridges to arrive and the supplier I ordered them off waited a week before letting me know that they werent coming  :evil:   Anyway, I did email the winners to let them know and I have today begun to sort out posting the images on to the winners.

Any road up, just thought I would let you know that the comp will be open as from midnight tonight. Rules are simple:

1 the image must be taken within the first 3 weeks of the month specified-in this case June

2 no identifying marks or logos.This is an anonymous comp

3 images must have exif on them to check if they have been taken in the time period specified

4 at the end of 3 weeks the images will be put into a vote and the one with the most votes will get a print of their image( or another image of their choice)

5 because of how things worked out last month, it is impractical that more than one winner gets a print because of cost issues. Therefore, in the event of a tie for first place, the image received the soonest will be the winner.

10 Images to be sent to me via my email addy or attached to a private message.I will of course let you know when I receive it.

so, since June is supposed to be busting out all over and since its supposed to be " glorious" june, time to get them cams out and take a cracking photo and chance your arm at winning a print.
Please dont hold back.Im here to learn and to learn you have to listen to the mistakes you have made,so tell me!

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